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Canister Characteristics
Canister Material:                     
Surface Treatment:                   
Max/Min Ambient                     
Corrosion Resistance:               
Impact Resistance:              
Canister Characteristics
Marine Grade Aluminium alloy
Powder Coated (red)
50 C~+60 C
Tested at 10g for > 13,000impacts
Greater than UL 1058
Electrical (Thermal) Characteristics
Supervision/Monitoring Circuit:  
Activation (Thermal):                  

< 1mA
> 400mA @6/12/24V for 10mS
> 175 C 
4 pin Military Type 2PMDT Analog MIL-C-5015
Aerosol Characteristics
(at maximum design concentration)
Potassium Carbonates, solid:   
Nitrogen Gas:                         
Carbon Dioxide Gas:                
Carbon Monoxide Gas:             
Nitrogen Oxides, Gas:            
Ammonia, Gas:                       
Temp at Nozzle + 500mm.       
Oxygen (level)                         
Holding time                           
Aerosol Characteristics
(at maximum design concentration)
~70% by vol
~1.2% by vol
~0.4% by vol
40 ~ 100ppm
~0.075% by vol
< 75 C
17% 20% (typical)
<60 mins
Classifications Suitable for Fire:  

Handling & Transport:  

Packaging Group :        
Class A- Combustible Solids
Class B- Flammable Liquids
Class C- Flammable Gases
Class E- Electrically Energised Fires
Class F- Fats & Cooking Oils
In accordance with UN 1325&Dangerous Goods Class :4.1 Hoz Chem Cold : 2[Y]E
Primarily due to the high obscuration, Pyrogen is designed for use in normally unoccupied areas such as data rooms machinery and engien spaces, control cabinets and storage areas. Inadvertent exposure to the aerosol should be avoided using normal precautions such as warning signals pre-discharge alarm and post-discharge warning and venting. Accidental exposure to aerosol should be limited to 5 minutes. As obscuration may impede the egress of personnel, hold off devices may be required for lerge areas or those with internal abstruchtions. Further details on the safe application, installation, operation are recommissioning of Pyrogen systems are given in the adsign monual and a manufacturers safefy data sheet is available upon request.