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We're the company who intend to offer the best solution of the power supply and security system to the customer because we know how important of these equipments. Although it's just one small component of the whole system but everybody know that it also be able to down the whole system if you choose wrong equipments and these equipments are not reliable enough.

Our company has established since 1993. The target of us is making satisfaction to the user with the best products. 
We're surely can not do that without the quality products.

We're very proud with Exide Batteries Products (include Sonnenschein, HAGEN, Classic) from Germany, Duvine Rectifier and Pyrogen Fire Extinguish System.
Sonnenschein batteries are proven to use in the tropical area like Thailand without any trouble for more than 10 years. In the other hand, They can give the reliability to the users from telecom and electricity field such as Telephone Organization of Thailand, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand.

Security system. It's really the revolution in fire suppression technology. It's unbelievable that you can design and install one fire suppression system in to your telecom or computer center by yourself. It's really easy and distinguish from the old system like Halon and FM-200 that's too complicate to design and installation. It's time for revolution to the easier concept.
Pyrogen is zero pressure solid canister which is ready to change to gas-like form to extinguish the fire. So, it means maintenance free. You don't need to be worry about gas leakage like the old pressurized cylinder system. It's no way for pyrogen to leak from it's canister. The good news for everybody in the world is Pyrogen have zero global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential.

For the power supply system. Duvine rectifier is one of switchmode rectifier manufacturer in the world that can supply the complete product range from small to high capacity. With it's new intelligent central controller which will let you control many remote sites from the control center. So, you can save your time to do more important things.

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