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The SHARYS series has been designed with the objective of making reliable DC products:
- Modular and flexible range
- expandable according to future requirements
- High efficiency
- low energy consumption, low dissipation
- High reliability
- reduced maintenance costs
- Intelligent cooling of the components
- limited thermal stress and longer life of the components
- Microprocessor control
- easy and friendly to use
- Possibility of supervising the equipment remotely
- easy control and monitoring
- Easy and quick installation without any manual connections (hot plug-in)
- reduced installation costs
- Replacement of faulty units without any power interruption (hot-swap)
- reduced maintenance costs
- Building management control option
- control and monitoring of the energy room (i.e. switching emergency light, fire alarm, air conditioning, genset... + additional customized signals.

The SHARYS PLUS enhanced monitoring & controller module provides comprehensive information on the SHARYS power system and the rectifiers.
The 32-digit LCD display and the three LEDs provide secure and simple access to all information.

- Digital control & monitoring of the system and the rectifiers
- Microprocessor technology with CAN-BUS system communication
- RS232/485 port for external communications
- Battery management
- Remote access via SNMP, Internet, Java (with NET VISION external optional)
- Dry contacts (via external optional dry contacts interface)
- Hot plug-in


The SHARYS rectifier modules are based on soft-switching double conversion.
A sophisticated SMD digital regulation system based on a microprocessor guarantees perfect control of the power parts built using IGBT technology. The rectifier is thus assured of exceptional output performance and advanced dialog capacity with the outside.

- Switch mode double conversion technology
- Microprocessor control with CAN-BUS protocol communication
- Wide temperature and input mains voltage tolerances
- Power factor ~ 1
- High efficiency
- Parallel connection with active load sharing
- Selective disconnection
- Hot-swap & hot plug-in


SHARYS MICRO is a directcurrent (48 V DC) power system designed for installation in 19" cabinets.
It can house the SHARYS PLUS controller and at most two SHARYS rectifier modules working in parallel. Internally the system integrates all the input and output sectioning and protecting members.

- 19" 6U subrack
- Protected battery output
- Four protected load outputs - Rear connection
- Remote access via SNMP, Internet, Java
(with optional NET VISION)
- Dry contacts (via optional dry contacts interface)
- DC distribution (fuse)

The SHARYS ELITE system can be fitted with up to 14 SHARYS rectifier modules with a maximum output of 600 A, and the SHARYS PL US controller.
The single modules are hot-swap and hot plug-in for simple and quick installation and maintenance.

- Digital control & monitoring of the system and the rectifiers - Protected battery output
- Connections on the top
- Possibility of installing batteries inside
- Remote access via SNMP, Internet, Java
(with optional NET VISION)
- Dry contacts (via optional dry contacts interface)


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