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Modulys Modular UPS from 1.5 to 24 kVA
for computer, telecom and Internet network

The UPS that grows with your company

The extreme dynamism of today's companies requires constructive state-of-the-art solutions. SOCOMEC SICON UPS offers its clients the total adaptability and flexibility of MODULYS® for their various architectures and plants. The three power ratings available for each Mod-Power, the possibility to "migrate" from a Tower configuration (Mod-TW) to the 19" Rack (Mod-RK) and subsequently into the Mod-System, all contribute to make MODULYS® the most flexible and reliable solution for the supply of protected power to your critical installations.
The wide range of models specifically designed to meet your requirements means that you can choose the one that is most suited to your needs, safe in the knowledge that adapting the UPS to your future power and back-up requirements will not be a problem.


The UPS that has everything, yet is easy to manage

SOCOMEC SICON UPS are committed offering a UPS solution that is complete and has a wide variety of features, while at the same time ensuring that installation, use and maintenance are simpler than ever. The Mod-Power and the Mod-Battery units are "plug-ins", while the communication cards are quick and easy to install.


The UPS with the best technology

MODULYS® is synonymous with highly reliable technology.
All control and monitoring functions are supported by fully digital circuitry, guaranteeing the highest possible operating reliability under all environmental conditions.

The UPS that saves your money

Investing only in the indispensable is finally a viable strategy.
The totally modular nature of MODULYS® means that your initial investment is safeguarded; not only can all the stand alone units be used in Tower or Rack versions, but they can also be housed inside the Mod-System, thus forming the foundation of your system. The real capability to increase power and back-up simply by adding modules is a guarantee that adapting the UPS to your company will truly be economical.
Unnecessary expense is a thing of the past; your investment today will be the basis of your future growth.

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