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HAGEN range overview




Design life in years:
15 blocs, 18 cells

Capacity range:
100 - 3000Ah.

Block battery / single cell

Tubular plate

Valve regulated lead-acid


Proof against deep discharge acc. to DIN 43539 T5

Maintenance free

High Voltage


HAGEN OPzV Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries with dryfit technology. The electrolyte is held in gel guaranteeing optimum reliability for all applications

OPzV batteries are distinguished by their exceptionally long service life and cost-
exceptionally longservice life and cost-effectivenees use. They are also ideally suited to cyclic applications 


OPzV bateries are designed for applications in various fields: telecommunications, power generation and distribution, remote control, traffice systems, emergency power supplies, data systems and emergency lighting. 

Product Feature:

- In conformance with DIN 40742.
- Maintenance free during the whole lifetime.
- dryfit technology : the electroyte is held in a gel - no leaking can occur during service life.
- Tubular plates in single cells.
- Short recharge time.
- Housing material SAN classified as UL94-HB. Also available upon reguest in ABS classified as UL94 VO.
- Not restricted for air, rail and road transportation (in accord-ance to IATA).
- Very low gas emission due to internal recombination.
- Very low self-discharge rate : batteries can be stored up to 2 years at 20 degree C
- Can withstand deep discharges.
- Capacity range from 200 - 3000 Ah.
- Installation ragulations given in the operating manual must be followed.
- Recycling : lead acid batteries can be recycled. By agreement HAGEN will accept your old OPzV batteries of the
end of the of their service life for recycling.
- Economical : excellent perform-ance/price ratio and very low service costs.