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These low maintenance vented batteries use a conventinal technology with free electrolyte. The design ensure a very long life time, robustness and reliability


Classic OPzS batteries can by used in various applications and are espacially suitable for : telecommunications, energy production and distribution, remote control, energy supply, control and data proessing, alarm and security, emergency lighting, etc.







Product Feature:

- Conform to DIN 40736.
- Proven Classic technology with free electrolyte.
- Very low maintenance due to reducad antimony content (LA) of the alloys involved and large elerctrolyte reserve volume.
- Standby monoblocks and cells with positive tubular plates and negative flat plates.
- Capacities ranging from 200-8000 Ah 
- Easy installation using screw connections with insulated terminal covers. For cells up to 3.300 Ah incl. welded connections are optional (cells higher than 3.500 Ah are delivered with Welded connection only).
- Transparent SAN cases up to 3.300 Ah ; robust hard rubber cases for cell higher than 3.500 Ah.
- Recycling : lead-acid batteries can be recycled. By agreement HAGEN can take back your old Classic OPzS batteries at the end of their service life in order to get them
- Especially suitable and cost effective for discharges of one hour or more due to tubular plate technique.
- Very low gas emission due to alloys using an antimony content below 3% in accordance with the German standard VDE 0510 Part 2.
- Batteries can by delivered dry charged with separate electrolyte on request. Storage duration can be increased this way.
- Specifically designed for cycling application through their antimony low content alloy and tubular plate technique.