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The Powerfit Longlife HDL Series can be employed in a multitude of applications in the field of energy production and supply, remote control and data processing, industrial energy supply, emergency lighting, UPS and secruity systems. With an extremely long service life of up to ten years they are particularly suitable for telecommunication applications. 


Product Feature:

- Absolutely maintenance-free during their whole service life.
- Powerfit Longlife Series : 10 year service life at an ambient temperature of 20 degree C (with 80% capacity remaining). Eurobat classification: High Performance. Option: High Integrity.
- Lead calcium tin flat gril plates in monoblock and cell configurations 
- Very low gas emission due to high gas recombination rate of 98-99%
- No restrictions for most air, rail and sea transportation (inaccordance to IATA, DGR  clause A 67).
- Very low self-discharge rate:batteries can be stored up to 13 months at 20 degree C
- Rapid recharge due to very low internal resistance.
- sale under deep discharge conditions according to DIN 43639 part 5.
- Capacities from 38-400 Ah.
- Installation : When installing Powerfit L 400 batteries in rooms, cabines or racks please follow instructions in conformance with VDE 0510 Part2/ part7 and NF-C 15-100.
- Powerfit batteries can be recycled. Sonnenchein will accept your old Powerfit batteries at the end of their service life ofr recycling.
- Competitivity: Excellent life-performance/price ratio, high reliability, long life, very low service costs. Complient to BS 6290 Part 4.