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HAGEN GroE with 25 years service life
The high productin quality and extremely low acid densities ensure a long service life of 25 years or more

Power gives us light, heat and comfort. Power is the foundation on which production and the economy are built. 
Normally, electrical energy is always available everywhere. But when a power failure occurs, everything comes to a stop. In some installation the break in the power supply must be bridged immediately. For example when a power failure occurs in a power station, turbine controllers are immediately operated, emergency diesel sets have started up and safely measures and back-up and safely measures and back-up supplies initiated. This sudden very high energy demand is met reliably by heavy duty batteries. Once the emergency diesel sets started up, the energy supplied by the batteries reduces In the event of a safety shutdown a power peak again occurs, which must also be satisfied by batteries. A reliable, high performance battery system is not just an essential requirement for power supply utilities. Industrial plants, hospitals, telecommunications systems airports, exhibition centres, public and industrial administration buildings, underground/railway control rooms and many other facilities depend on the immediate bridging of power failures.

Emergency lighing, UPS systems swiching stations, emergency power supplies, alarm systems, signalling and remote control systems, diesel start-up sets and other important functions must also be guaranteed even during a power failure. With its GroE Series, HAGEN supplies a very powerful, reliable and long-lasting battery system. Have a word with the HAGEN experts about your needs or ask for an analysis of requirements for the best solution to your individual applications.

When extreme high-power capabilities are demanded, the right battery technology is crucial-and HAGEN has it! HAGEN employs special techniques in the construction of its GroE batteries. Positeve pure-lead, large-format plates with a laminated structure, pasted negative plates, large electrolyte reserves and heavy-duty pole and cell connections guarantee an extremely low internal resistance and the best high-power properties. Short and long charging times can be used reliably and safely with a high, stable voltage.

The lock of antimony in the positive plate of HAGEN GroE batteries gives them low-maintenance properties. Transporent cell containers in SAN plastic make inpection and maintenance very easy and there is only slight water consumption.   

A good charging characteristic enables full charging over a short period with a low charging voltage (5-6 hous at 2.25 V/C). Equalising or fast charging is seldem required and self-discharge is low. The high production quality and the extremely low acid densities ensure a long sevice life of 25 years or more. HAGEN GroE batteries are available in a carefully selected, graduated power range with capacities from 50-2600 Ah. The case diminsions confrom to DIN, British Standard (GS) and other international standards.

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